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Monkey Whizz Kit 1ct

  • MSRP $29.99
  • Adjustable & Elastic belt (made from 100% cotton)
  • Urinator kit with a Temperature Strip & 100ml of pre-mixed Synthetic Urine in the Kit
  • 2 Heat Pads that will heat the urine to desired temperature

Monkey Dong Urine Delivery Device 1ct

  • MSRP $74.99
  • This premixed laboratory urine uses genuine urea to achieve an inscrutable level of authenticity.
  •  Both genders can benefit equally from the use of this faux urine.

Monkey Whizz Flask 3.5oz 1ct

  • MSRP $14.99
  • The Monkey Flask's unique design, with a safety sealed flip-top cap,
  • 3.5oz of the highest quality synthetic urine
  • that allows for easy concealment and ensures proper heating for up to 8 hours!
  • Also includes one self-adhesive heat pad, easy to read temperature strip and detailed instructions.