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Quick Test Plus 6ct Diaply

Contains 2 10 Panel Drug Tests + Control Sample

Quick Fix PLUS Novelty 3oz Synthetic Urine

  • MSRP 9.99
  • Unisex Synthetic Urine Easily Warms to Body Temperature
  • 1 Bottle with 3 oz synthetic urine 1 Heat pad 1 Temperature Strip

Quick Fix Clear Detox 20oz + 8 Capsules Assorted Flavors

  • MSRP 14.50
  • Quick Clear Detox drinks are formulated to rid the body of all unwanted toxins.
  •  20oz Quick Clear detox drinks are a great way to detox the body In a more natural way.
  • Designed for people of high toxin levels or larger body mass.
  • Equipped with two different flavors and 8 quick flush capsules