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Buddies Bump Box -Assorted Size

The Buddies Easy Filling Machine is the perfect product for those individuals looking to prepare many pre-rolled cones at once. Holding 34 pre-rolled cones at a time, you can fill them up effortlessly without a worry in this box. Comes with 2 packing sticks.

Buddies Wooden Kief Sifter

The Buddies sifter boxes are a three piece wood container meant for the collection and storage of pollen from your favorite herbs. The Buddies Sifter Box has a strong wooden construction with magnets on both the lid and bottom tray to hold them firmly in place. Internally it contains a fine mesh for efficient sifting, this separates the pollen from the leaves, the pollen is collected in the drawer situated below. For easy collection there is a brown-tinted glass in the base that can be slid out. This sifter box also doubles as stash box for storage.

Nitrile Exam Gloves Black

Box of 100 black nitrile gloves available in small and extra-large.

Easy Butter Maker -Assorted Styles

Allows for 1-2 sticks of butter to be infused per batch. The Easy Butter Maker puts the fun back in baking! This must-have kitchen tool features a simple yet effective design, which gives you the easiest "magic" butter infusing process possible. It makes 1-2 sticks of butter or approximately .5-1 cup of cooking oil in about only 10 minutes! The Easy Butter Maker is small and portable, about the size of your standard tea kettle, making cleaning and storing a breeze.
  • Makes 1 or Two Sticks
  • Easy To Use
  • Stainless Steel
Butter Bag Easy squeeze—maximize your yield with no stretching or ripping! Filters of various of pore sizes allow customized, consistent straining of botanical extracts

Oil Slick Clear FEP Sheets 4″ x 4″

Terpene proof, completely transparent, and more nonstick than traditional PTFE; these are guaranteed to make your extracts shine.

Box of 500 pre-cut sheets.