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Green Monkey Gun Metal Grinder With Logo 55mm Titanium – 1ct

This grinder from Green Monkey is a standard 4-piece, no-frills grinder that is absolutely timeless. A magnetic lid encloses razor sharp teeth that pulverize your herb to the perfect, light, fluffy consistency. The storage chamber has a mesh sifting screen that suspends the flower above the pollen collector. You can find a guitar pick-shaped scraper in the bottom chamber. MSRP - $16.99

Green Monkey 63mm Grinder Assorted Colors 1ct

This grinder from Green Monkey has a strong, unique appearance that sets them apart from the rest.  It features multiple sections for grinding and filtering material.  Perfect for grinding dry herbs and other materials. MSRP - $29.99

Green Monkey Rainbow Grinders with Gift Box Assorted Sizes

Titanium Finish Made from Aluminum 4 Piece Comes with a scraper Comes in a hard gift box

Green Monkey Grinder With Funnel Assorted Colors 12pc Display

Green Monkey brand Approximately 2″ x 2″ (50mm) Collector dispenser attached Comes with spare rubber plug

Green monkey Rainbow 63MM Round Shape Grinder

Green Monkey Brand 4 Part Dimensions: 2.5″ 63mm Magnetic Lid 24 Sharp Teeth Stainless Steel Screen Pollen Catch w/ Scraper

Green Monkey 2pc Cone Filler Assorted Colors

2 piece Titanium Grinder w/ Plastic Funnel w/ Funnel Lid Easily fill your cone 2 inches Colors may Vary*