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Raw Black Coach Jacket 1ct

This RAWthentic Jacket is an essential piece of RAW apparel especially in the windy and rainy spring weather. This windbreaker-style jacket features a water resistant exterior, which ensures you and your stash stay dry while the cotton lining inside keeps you toasty warm. Includes two exterior pockets and one super-secret interior pocket. This light weight lined wind breaker will keep you warm, stylish and comfortable. FEATURES:
  • machine washable
  • water resistant
  • cotton lined interior
  • 2 exterior pockets
  • 1 secret interior pocket
MSRP $56.00

Yocan Dive Replacement Tip Coil 5ct Pack

The Yocan Dive Replacement Coils are the perfect replacement piece for your Yocan Dive Vaporizer. This inventive design and engineering can be used to vape your wax concentrates straight right off the jar. The Yocan Dive Replacement Coils also require less maintenance and is very easy to clean allowing you to enjoy it longer compared to other vape atomizer coils that will require you to tear the atomizer down in order to clean it.   The Yocan Dive Replacement Coils will ensure that you will always have a backup coil no matter the situation is. It’s best to keep your Yocan Dive Replacement Coils with you since you’ll never know when your atomizers will get busted. You'll be able to keep on vaping no matter the situation is.   MSRP $25.00

Relax CBD Gummies 6 Flavors 72ct Display

Relax Gummies CBD Gummy Bears are natural, THC free CBD edibles sourced from hemp. Add these premium gummy edible infused with CBD from hemp plants to your daily wellness routine.

A fun and easy way to consume high quality CBD, Relax Gummies Gummy Bears are the sweet and tangy, CBD edible treats that let you snack with a purpose.

It has never been so sweet and delicious to get all the benefits of high quality CBD than with Relax Gummies CBD Infused Gummy Bears.

Get Relax Gummies CBD Infused Gummy Bears and get ready to Relax.

  • Includes
  • 72ct gummies in a variety of flavors
  • MSRP: $950.00

7ML Glass Jar With Black Lid 250ct Master Case

The 5ml glass concentrate containers offer a professional and economical way to display up to a gram of shatter, wax, crumble, hash oil, resin, budder or and other cannabis extract. This sleek glass concentrate container is an industry staple used by cannabis professionals industry wide. These 5ml concentrate containers Include airtight screw cap to and are the perfect diameter to label it with our circular concentrate labels .
Oyle Slim Twist Black

Oyle Pen Slim Twist Battery 420mAh 5ct Display

These Slim Twist batteries from Oyle feature adjustable voltage.  Each display includes 5 batteries. MSRP per unit - $14.99
Hybrid Battery Group

Hybrid Pen Battery with Dual Charger Port 350mAh 5ct Pack (Charger Not Included)

The Hybrid Pen Battery sets itself apart from the rest! Unlike traditional 510 batteries, the Hybrid Pen can be charged with either Micro USB or Lightning cable. Pass Through charging enables the user to vape and charge at the same time! MSRP - $69.99

JUUL Pods Mango 4 Pods 5.0% Nic 1ct Box

  • Rich mango flavor with hints of tropical fruits.
  • Each JUULpod contains ~0.7mL with 5% nicotine by weight.
  • Mango Pods are sold by 1 count box containing 4 pods.

Greenbacks $100 Bill Pre-Rolled Cones – 3 Cones/Tube 24ct Display

These Greenbacks Pre-Rolled Cones have $100 bill graphics printed on them.  Each tube holds 3 cones and each display includes 24 tubes. MSRP per unit - $2.99

Greenbacks $100 Bill Rolling Papers 24 Booklets w/ Filter Tip 1ct Display

These Greenbacks Rolling Papers have $100 bill graphics printed on them.  Each display includes 24 booklets. MSRP per unit - $2.99

Raw Hemp CBD Alkaline Purified Water 24ct Case

Raw Hemp is a global leader in formulating only the finest hemp products.  Three bothers were united in a mission to develop Raw Hemp based on the principles of honesty and quality.  Raw Hemp is made only with the utmost caliber of lab-tested Hemp ingredients to endure purity and effectiveness.  Raw Hemp incorporates a unique and innovative procedure which enables the body to absorb this hemp-derived organic beverage much more efficiently. Raw Hemp Original contains 5mg CBD. Raw Hemp KiwiBerry and Strawberry Lemonade contain 8mg CBD. Each case contains 24 bottles. MSRP per unit - $5.99

Endo Organic Pre-Rolled Hemp Wraps White Grape Flavor 2pk 15ct Box

These organic hemp wraps from Endo come two to a pack with each box holding 15 packs.  Endo White Grape flavor pre-rolled hemp wraps are tobacco and nicotine free. MSRP - $24.99
Endo Mango Hemp Pre Roll

Endo Organic Pre-Rolled Hemp Wraps Mango Flavor 2pk 15ct Box

These organic hemp wraps from Endo come two to a pack with each box holding 15 packs.  Endo Mango flavor pre-rolled hemp wraps are tobacco and nicotine free. MSRP - $24.99