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Zig Zag Slow Burning 1 1/4 Unbleached 24ct Display

Zig-Zag Unbleached are ultra-thin papers, made from the highest quality blend of unbleached natural fibers for a smooth, slow burn.
  • Unbleached Fibers
  • 100% Natural Gum Arabic Glue Line
  • 50 Papers per Booklet
  • MSRP: $1.99ea

Quik Wikk Mini Hemp Wick 100ct Display

Quik Wikk offers you a high-quality and organic product with all of their hemp wicks! Made of pure hemp, these wicks are coated in pure beeswax to give you the organic and chemical-free light to enjoy. With 4 feet of wick in each roll, these hemp wicks are a great way to light your smokes organically!
  • 100ct Display jar
  • MSRP:  $1.68

Habibi Paper Pre-roll Filter Tips 50pk

Habibi Pre-roll tips make it easy and convient to roll up on the go without the hassle of rolling the tips!
  • Habibi Paper Preroller Filter
  • 7mm Tips
  • 50pk
  • MSRP $4.00

Hempvine 250ft Organic Hemp Wick 3ct Display

Hempvine 250ft Wick  Organic Hemp 3ct Display

Hempvine 100ft Organic Hemp Wick 4ct Display

Hempvine 100ft Wick Organic Hemp 4ct Display 

DNA Toker’s Glass Tips 3ct Tin Case

DNA Toker’s Glass Tips 3ct Tin Case

DNA Tokers Glass Tips 50ct Jar Helix Edition

DNA Tokers Tips (Helix Edition) 50 pieces per jar Helix style glass Optimized airflow EZ roll tip

Smokit The All in One Smoking Kit 12ct Display

Multi-hitter Custom molded aluminum alloy pipe stores inside Smokit™. Holds up to five draws and has serrated edges to make

Hempvine Clipper 14ft Magnetic Hemp Lighter 10ct Box

HempVine 10pk Lighter With 14ft Hemp Wick. Magnetic Hemp Lighters. Made From Organic Hemp +Beeswax. 10 Lighters in a box