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Assorted Knives Display 100ct

100 Knives per Display LED Display Included


RAW Classic Unrefined Pre-Roll Challange Cone -1 Count

  • 24 inches in length
  • Includes one RAW Challenge Cone
  • Includes a special packing tool an inner shell that can be used as a scoop and funnel

RAW Double Barrel Wooden Cigarette Holder

  • Be the life of any party with a double cigarette holder!
  • Featuring a natural wood finish and storage pouch!
Sold out

RAW Inflatable Cone

  • Inflates to 4 Feet Long
  • Perfect for Hanging or Floating
  • Looks like a lit RAW Rolling Papers Cone
  • Don’t just go to the party, Be the party!

RAW Level Five Wooden Cigarette Holder

  • Holds 5 cigarettes!
  • Impress or share with friends and be a hit at any party
  • Made from sustainable Brown Knotwood gathered from the Pearl Valley of Fujian China
  • Because no two trees are alike, color and patterning between holders will never be the same

RAW Novelty Tiny Tray Magnet

  • Raw Tiny magnet tray
  • Can go on the fridge or as a hat pin!
  • Rep your favorite brand with this tiny tray!
  • Note: This is not a functioning rolling tray, for decoration only

Raw Skate Board Z9 Long Board Deck Only

Long board by Raw Rolling Papers Z9 9×40 Skate board Deck Only Made from 7-ply American Maple Wood


Raw Skateboard S7 Standard Deck Only

Skateboard by Raw Rolling Papers S7 Standard 8.375×32″ Deck Only


Raw Trident Wooden Cigarette Holder

  • Be the life of any party with a triple cigarette holder
  • Ideal for sharing with friends and social gathering
  • Made with brown Knotwood