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Special Blue Premium Lighter Fluid 90ml – 12ct Display

Special Blue Premium European Butane is perfect for your shop. Features:
  • 90 ml premium European butane
  • 12 ct Display
  • MSRP: $2.50ea

Neon 11x Premium Butane 750ml 9ct Box

Neon is the standard for ultra premium butane. Perfect for refillable lighters, grills and more! Featuring:
  • 11x ultra refined butane gas
  • 750mL can
  • 9ct Display
  • MSRP: $5.99ea

Vector Mayhem Torch Kit

  • MSRP $65.00
  • Vector Mayhem Torch Kit
  • Wind Resistant
  • 2 X60 Butane Cans

Neon 11X Premium 300ML Butane 12ct DIS

  • MSRP $7.50 per can
  • Neon 11X Premium
  • 300ML
  • Universal Gas Lighter Refill
  • 5 adapters included in each cap of each can

Ultra Pure Plus 420ML Butane 12ct DIS

  • MSRP 10.99 per can
  • 12 Cans Case 6ct Master Case
  • Ultra Pure Plus 420ml Butane
  • British European Refined Lighter Fuel Refill Gas
  • Maximum pressure
  • Limited Edition 420ml

300ml Special Blue 5x Refined Butane -12ct. DIS

  • MSRP $5.99 per can
  • 12ct box 8ct Master Case
  • ¬†Filitered 5 times to remove impurities
  • For use with refillable lighters.
  • ¬†300ml

300ml Special Blue 9x Refined Butane -12ct DIS

  • MSRP $7.99 Per can
  • This Special Blue butane is cold filtered 9 times to remove impurities
  • For use with refillable lighter
  • 300ml
  • 12ct Display/8ct Master Case

Special Blue 7X Butane 300ML 12ct DIS

  • MSRP $6.99 per can
  • 12ct Box/8ct Master case
  • 7x Filtered
  • Near Zero Impurities
  • Odorless
  • 300ml Volume

Neon 5X Butane 12ct DIS

  • MSRP$6.27 per can
  • Neon 5X Butane 12ct Display - 8ct/MC
  • Quintuple refined premium butane
  • Ultra refined for maximum care and performance

Vector 14X Butane 447mL 12ct DIS

  • MSRP 18.99 per can
  • 12 cans
  • Can size: 447ml
  • Cold filtered 14 times for maximum purity
  • 8ct Master Case

Liquid Butane 5x Ultra Refined 320ml 12ct DIS

  • MSRP $6.95 per can
  • 320ml can
  • 12ct Display/8ct Master Case
  • Ultra Refined