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Deez Nutz Character Torch Lighter Assorted Style 1ct

These butane torches from Deez Nutz feature popular characters and pop culture references.  These torches are refillable and lockable with an adjustable flame.  Assorted styles. MSRP - $19.99

Scorch Torch Hand Held 45 Degree Butane Torch – 9ct Display

These butane torches from Scorch Torch feature a 45 degree angled body which allow for easier heating.  Each display comes with 9 torches, assorted colors. MSRP per unit - $14.99
Blink Torch SE-01 Gold

Blink Torch SE-01 Butane Torch 1ct

  •  1300° Blue Flame
  • Adjustable Flame
  • Butane Refillable
  • Many Useful Applications
MSRP -  $39.99
Blink Torch MB02 Light Green

Blink Torch MB02 1ct

  • Refillable Butane Lighter Torch
  • 1300°F Blue Flame
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Adjustable Flame
  • 360° Safe Flame Rotation
MSRP - $22.99

Eagle Torch Gun 15ct Display

These butane gas torch lighters from Eagle Torch are affordable, handy, and refillable.  Each display contains 15 lighters. MSRP per unit - $4.99

Blink Torch Butane Torch Lighters MT-07 – 12ct Display

These torch gun lighters from Blink Torch are scorching hot!  Features adjustable flame and transparent body which allows for visible fuel level.  Each display includes 12  torch gun lighters. MSRP per unit - $4.99
Special Blue Diablo Torch Lighter

Special Blue Diablo Torch Lighter White & Red 1ct

  • 6″ stand lighter
  • Refillable butane torch
  • Heavy Duty, double Torch
  • Auto ignition
  • Adjustable flame
  • Chrome, white, and red
MSRP - $24.99
Plastic Torch Lighter

Plastic Single Flame Assorted Colors 12ct/Display

Plastic Single Flame Assorted Colors 12ct/Display. MSRP - $49.99
Metal Torch Lighter

Metal Single Flame Torch Assorted Colors 12ct/Display

Metal single flame torch assorted colors 12ct display. MSRP - $59.99