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Snowwolf Wocket Replacement Pod

Snowwolf Wocket Repalcement Pod and Coils 1ct

Snowwolf Wocket Replacement Pod comes with a single pod with a coil pre-installed and one additional replacement coil. The Wocket pod features the new X-Grid coil technology for ultimate flavor output. MSRP - $9.99
SnowWolf Wocket Group

Snowwolf Wocket Pod System Vaporizer

Integrating advances in materials, the Wocket pushes the boundaries in advancements in technology for an exquisitely unique design.  The Wocket utilizes the Pod-Mod design for weight and portability without compromising performance.  With a 1150mAh battery capacity, the Wocket extends the usage for your all-day-long vaping needs.  Different from conventional pod devices on the market, the Wocket comes equipped with a 0.69" OLED display screen.  Decorative panels of colorful celluloid and high-grade resin showcase the Wocket's unique and artistic side. Available in 5 colors. MSRP - $46.99