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Yocan Trio 3-in-1 Vape Pen Assorted Colors 1ct

The Yocan Trio is a refillable 3-in-1 pod system vape pen.  This super convenient tiny on-the-go device enables you to easily change your desired vaping experience from e-juice, to oils, to concentrates. Assorted colors. Package contents:
  • 1x Trio battery
  • 1x Concentrate pod
  • 1x Juice pod
  • 1x Oil Pod
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x User manual
MSRP - $24.99

Yocan Dive Replacement Tip Coil 5ct Pack

The Yocan Dive Replacement Coils are the perfect replacement piece for your Yocan Dive Vaporizer. This inventive design and engineering can be used to vape your wax concentrates straight right off the jar. The Yocan Dive Replacement Coils also require less maintenance and is very easy to clean allowing you to enjoy it longer compared to other vape atomizer coils that will require you to tear the atomizer down in order to clean it.   The Yocan Dive Replacement Coils will ensure that you will always have a backup coil no matter the situation is. It’s best to keep your Yocan Dive Replacement Coils with you since you’ll never know when your atomizers will get busted. You'll be able to keep on vaping no matter the situation is.   MSRP $25.00

Yocan B-Smart Slim Twist Pen 320mah Battery 50ct Display

  • Adjustable variable voltage
  • Preheat mode
  • 320 mAh
  • Adjustable voltage -2.0v-4.0v
  • 15 second hold time
  • Click 5 times to turn on/off
  • Click 2 times for preheat mode
  • Click 1 time to end preheat
  • 10pcs each: black, silver, blue, red, gold
MSRP - $399.99

YoCan Evolve Ceramic Donut Coil 5pc 1ct

YoCan Evolve Ceramic Donut Coil 5pc 1ct

Yocan Evolve Camouflage Version 1ct

Yocan Evolve Camouflage Version 1ct

Yocan Explore 2 in 1 Vaporizer 1ct

Yocan Explore 2 in 1 Vaporizer 1ct

Yocan UNI Portable Mod Battery 1ct

Yocan UNI Portable Mod Battery 1ct

YoCan Delux 2 in 1 Mod Kit 1ct

YoCan Delux 2 in 1 Mod Kit 1ct

Yocan Evolve 2.0

Features:  Pod-Based Vaporizer  Refillable Pods  Magnetic Pods  Compatible With E-Juice, Oils, and Wax  Single Button Control  650mAh Battery  Variable Voltage  10

Yocan Dive Electronic Nectar Collector Pen Kit 1ct

  • Yocan Dive - Electronic Concentrate Pen - Portable Nectar CollectorFeatures/Specs:
    • Powered By: Built-In 650mAh battery
    • 5 Click On/Off functionality
    • Three heating modes:
      • Can be changed by pressing the power button three times
      • The power button lights up to indicate what mode you have selected
      • Mode indicator lights:
        • Red light - Low Power
        • Green light - Medium Power
        • White Light - High Power
    • Charged through Micro USB
    • Touch coil design
    • Magnetic cap over the touch coil for easy storage
    • Designed to be low maintenance and easy to clean
    Package Contents: 
    • 1 x Yocan Dive
    • 2 X Yocan Dive Touch Coil
    • 1 X Micro USB Cable
    • User Manual
  • MSRP $40.00