Rozy Pink King Size Cones 24ct Display

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Rozy Pink King Size Cones 24ct Display

Rozy's pink papers are clean and natural, making for a smooth and delectable smoke. The vibrant pink packaging of wholesale Rozy papers makes a statement on any shelf from across the room! They serve as a visual anchor in a sea of tan, orange, and blue rolling supply boxes.

Rozy's mission extends far beyond producing high-quality rolling papers and cones. Rozy is committed to funding breast cancer research in the hopes of discovering a cure. Add a splash of color to your shelves or your smoking session, and know that every purchase counts! More Rozy releases are on the way, and we expect this to be one of the hottest brands in 2023!

Rozy pink cones are sure to stand out from the crowd in your store! The bright pink packaging stands out in a sea of orange, tan, and blue rolling paper and cone boxes. The pretty pink papers are perfect for the holidays and make wonderful gifts.

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